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My Plant-Based Diet Experience

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Being on a plant based diet has been an increasing trend over the years especially if you live in California. I started my plant based diet in the year of 2017 and I am no longer on it as of 2019 however I would like to share my experience. I used to eat a very good healthy diet as a child. I never was given soda or junk. My grandmother would always give me a lot of vegetables and encourage me to eat them since they are nutritious for you alongside healthy protein. I did eat chicken and meat up until I was around 14-15. I started to notice that I was having a hard time digesting meat and it was really affecting my stomach. I was having a hard time having bowel movements and stomach pains up to the point I had to go to the e.r, yes tmi. I'm sorry. I also learned that I was lactose intolerant at a young age so meat and dairy was a terrible combination so I avoided them both as much as possible.

I haven't ate red meat for about 10-11 years now so it wasn't hard for me when I decided to start my plant based diet. What was hard for me to give up was ham and eggs. I love eggs and I like ham...and maybe cheese too however out of all of them, eggs was the hardest. The transition to a plant based diet surprisingly wasn't hard. I think what was the hardest was finding meat and dairy alternatives in markets. From 2017 to now 2020, so much has changed in terms of options available to the public. Now there is plant based options almost everywhere whether it's at Target, Walmart, Ralphs, you name it. Even major restaurants are now offering plant based options and more are still yet to come to the public so it's just crazy how much can change in the span of 2-3 years. However this 2017 we are speaking of.

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I had to drive to Whole Foods for the majority of my meat alternatives because that's the market that had the most options at the time and Sprouts so that was annoying. The Beyond Burger was fairly new and later on that year, if not the next year Beyond Sausage was introduced. I did rely heavily on eating a lot of avocados, rice and beans so don't think I was just eating all these meat alternatives. What I would usually eat would be avocado toast, sandwiches with vegan ham and cheese, salads, potatoes (love love them) and taco lettuce wraps. Yes that is a thing, google it. Oh and vegan chicken nuggets with homemade fries. My diet was very relaxed to others who are raw vegan since cooking any food is a big no no. I can't say that I had any recipes set in stone that I followed religiously because I have a small appetite. I usually eat once a day, two if I'm really hungry so I ate whatever I felt my body needed that day.

I did notice that even though I have clear skin, the diet made my skin much more clearer and brighter. I had more energy and my stomach was not bloated as it usually is. I'm one of those people that can have a very flat stomach in the morning but the moment I drink a glass of water, that's it. My flat stomach is gone for the rest of the day so for me to have a flat stomach throughout the day was a big emotional and mental boost for me. I was more happy and energized throughout the day. I didn't have much of mental fog either which was fantastic because I spend most of my time on my computer and books due to school. I couldn't go out to the store or any drive thru to get food if I was short on time so I would usually wait to eat till I got home. When grocery shopping came around, I had to check the label on absolutely everything.

I also felt I was doing something great for the world because I would come across those videos of people hurting animals for meat and it absolutely broke my heart. I couldn't bare to watch them because my heart felt like it was being ripped. I wasn't one of those people that would judge others for eating meat. If you like meat then good for you. If you don't eat meat then good for you too. I'm not one to judge how others choose to eat. Eating out with my friends was a challenge though because most of the options for me were salads or fries so guess what I ate most of the time? Salads and fries lol. It had it's pros and cons but I wouldn't say it was rather difficult. If you're a vegetarian then it would be much easier for you opposed to someone who is a meat lover.

I followed a plant based diet up until around 2019. It's not that there was anything wrong with it, I just felt like that diet was not for me. I feel more comfortable having a diet suitable for me without feeling pressured that I had to follow it to a T or else I'm a terrible person. As of 2020, I eat more plant based than anything but I'm not fully plant based. I still eat eggs, ham here and there and fish (rarely). I still eat Beyond Meat, I eat that a lot actually and Gardein products. Even if you're not a vegan or vegetarian, I recommend you trying out these products anyways. So if you're on the fence whether to try to be plant based or not, I say go for it and give a try. It wont hurt to try, you never know, it could be right fit for you. Oh and also, try out Oat milk. Absolutely delicious. Much better than Almond milk in my opinion. I said what I said.