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Matti Kim

Updated: Jan 12

Note: Since the creation of this post, Matti has since passed away. She slowly started losing her hearing and got sick. She was strong enough to recover the first time but due to her old age and the fragile state from the previous illness, she sadly couldn't recover the second time around. She deteriorated so fast that not even the best of the best veterinary care could help her sadly. Before her passing, her true age was revealed. She was actually 18 years old.

Matti Kim

Age: 18 (Actual age)

I had an incident that happened to me when I was 9 and that changed my view of cats for a while. I didn't necessarily hated them however I'd prefer not to be near them. That all changed at 19. I gradually started liking cats again and soon enough I was dying to get one especially because I didn't have any pets at the time. So I casually asked my roommate at the time if we could please get a pet because I wanted to be respectful of my roommate and making sure she was okay with it. At first she was iffy about the whole idea while owning 2 huskies then she said yes. When she said yes, I immediately started searching everywhere for a gray cat until we eventually found one on craiglist. I know..I know.....craiglist out of all places. The ad said that the original owner could no longer keep her due to illness if (I'm not mistaken) and that the person who was currently taking care of her at the time who I believe was relative could not keep her either which was the person making the post. He said that her name was Matti and that she was 12 years old. He also stated that if he did not in fact find a home for her then he would end up taking her to the animal shelter to be euthanized.       When I read that, I needed to get her...I just knew so I told my roommate if we could get her and she said okay. I ended up contacting the owner and we exchanged texts for a bit. A day or two later, I stopped responding because my roommate suddenly changed her mind saying that maybe it's not the best time to have a pet and I could always get one a different time. I was heartbroken. A day or two passed by and while I was out with my roommate, I received a text from the owner. He asked me if I was still interested in her and that if I would like to see her. I looked at my roommate and I begged her to go see her. She sighed and said "yes". Without even having met her yet, we stopped by a pet shop first to buy her everything she needed, even a tag with her name on it. After stopping by the pet shop we headed towards a McDonalds in Downtown LA where we agreed upon meeting. Upon arrival, I was searching for which vehicle my future cat was in when suddenly a man comes out of yellow car. He spotted me and walked towards me while carrying a gray crate in his hand. We both greeted each other and as he was handing me the crate, he said "Thank you so much for taking her" and he walked away.       The whole thing happened so fast that I didn't even get a chance to see her until I got back into the car. I was hoping she wasn't going to be mean. So without having peeked in the cage to see her, I stuck my fingers inside to see if I could touch her. Thinking I was going to be bitten or scratched, I was shocked when I felt her rubbing her face on my fingers and purring. Immediately my heart melted and I shifted the crate so I can get a view of her and when I saw her...I wasn't prepared. What I saw was beautiful gray cat with green eyes and the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. After getting her, we immediately took her to the vet so that she can get her vaccinations. At the vet office, I took advantage to see what her actual age was. I was curious to see if she was actually 12 or the if the guy who was taking care of her was lying just so he can get rid of her faster. As the veterinarian was inspecting her, I looked at him and I asked if there was any way he could get an estimate on how old she could be because we didn't know.        He said he could and then proceeded to open her mouth to get a look at her teeth. He inspected her teeth for what seemed like an eternity when he looked up at me and said "looking at her teeth, I would estimate she's about 3 to 4 years old". When he said that, my eyes started to water and I almost broke down and cried right then and there but I held my tears back. I was so overjoyed that I grabbed her and I hugged her tight. I felt so relieved and happy at the fact that I had so many years to enjoy with her. This was back in 2014 and I've had her since. She picked up some of on my attitude but let me tell you...this little girl is feisty, demanding, a crybaby however despite of that, she's such a momma's girl and is so sweet. I wouldn't change her for the world even though I do have a hard time dealing with her a times especially after her losing her vision. In 2017, Matti permanently lost her vision.