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Goku Kan Lee

Updated: Jan 3

Goku Kan Lee

Age: 4 (Deceased).

I know writing about Goku is going to hurt but he is very special to me and even though he is no longer with me, I thought I should still share his story. Goku I did not adopt in traditional type of way as one would expect like from a shelter. I actually adopted him from a park where I would go running every morning. My roommate and I one morning were running up on a hill when she saw a cat pop out from a bush. My roommate called me over and I saw the cat walking towards her. When she called me over and I saw him, he took my breath away. He was absolutely gorgeous. I've never seen a cat as beautiful as him and I don't think I ever will. I've never seen a cat with blue eyes before in real life and his pattern was so unique. He was very loving towards my roommate and she asked me what should we do. I told her "let's take him home" and at first she thought I was joking but I was in fact not.

Just to clarify, this whole thing happened when I had only one cat at the time which was Matti. This was way before I adopted Max and Bulma. Continuing on with the story, I yelled out "let's go" and I literally started running towards the car as if I was stealing something which I'm pretty sure if anyone had seen me, it would have looked funny. Anyways we got in the car and we went straight to Petco. On our way there we were going over names and finally decided on the best one which was the name Goku because we are both fans of Dragonball Z. We bought him a name tag and took him home. Don't worry, we made sure we neutered him and got him his vaccinations later on. He was so skinny since it seemed like he didn't eat much at all living in the streets but over time he got chubby. So chubby that we later nicknamed him "Chipmunk" because he looked like a chipmunk with his big fat cheeks. He actually reminded me of Theodore with the eyes of Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks.        We couldn’t figure out what kind of breed he was but after much research we discovered that Goku was a Siamese Point Lynx. Siamese are very known for being very vocal and Goku...let me tell you, he was very very vocal. He would start meowing at random times of the day whether it's at 4am or 10pm. He would make it hard for me to study at times or sleep when I really needed it. He would be irritating at times because of that but overall he was a very good cat and he made me very happy. I just wished we would have taken more pictures together when we could but at least I have photos of him and that’s all that matters. Everything was fine for a few years until he got sick suddenly one day in November of 2017. He kept trying to urinate and he couldn’t then he would cry really loud. It was late at night when everything went down and nothing was opened so we had no choice but to wait the next day. Next day came and he had an appointment for an emergency surgery because he had a blockage. They had to open him up.

      Luckily the surgery was successful and it was an expensive surgery but to me it didn’t matter. To me, my pets are like my children since I don’t have any human kids yet. I care about them very dearly. He had to have a catheter in for a few days while recovering. I had to make sure to stay at home during this time and baby him as much as possible. Slowly but surely he was recovering and the catheter got removed. He was back to his normal self within no time all the while still having that big cut healing from where he was opened. The veterinarian who performed the surgery ended up leaving on vacation in the middle of December for a month to Mexico so I was worried about Goku in case anything were to happen to him. She checked him right before leaving just to make sure and she gave him the okay. My worries came true on the 5th of January 2018 when Goku couldn’t pee again. I called the veterinarian who preformed the surgery on him and she told me that if it happened again within such a short span of time then what he had was genetic and that it would most likely keep reoccurring.        She suggested me to contact the assistant surgeon who helped her perform the surgery to see if he could unblock him even though he lived far from where I was. I called the assistant surgeon and he told me he didn’t have the tools to unblock him, that the veterinarian did but she was on vacation. I explained to him the situation and he ended up telling me the same thing I was told earlier, what he had was genetic. So it became nighttime again and I didn’t know what to do so I took the water away from Goku so it wouldn’t give him further pain. I felt so awful because he was in pain and I had nowhere to take him. I had already blew thousands on his recent surgery and it didn’t work. The next day I went with my roommate to multiple veterinarians explaining the situation, he even had an appointment to visit with one in Downey which was far only to find out that when we were already in Downey, that his office was actually located in Long Beach. Goku had already gone for more than 24 hours without urinating and he was in pain. I didn’t want to extend his pain either and everything was starting to close again. So as I spoke to the veterinarian whose office was located in Long Beach, he told me that the kindest and humane thing I can do is put him to sleep.       And there I had it, I heard the same answer from 6 different veterinarians which was to put him to sleep. So I ended up searching animal hospitals near where we were and we found one less than 5 minutes away so we made an appointment to euthanize him. We had spoken to Goku the night before and the next day telling him that we loved him and that we were sorry we couldn't be the best pet parents we could be. I feel like I failed him and I was hurt. I tried so hard for him and he ultimately had to be put to sleep. I never had to put a pet down and I felt my heart breaking as we headed towards the hospital. We signed in and they walked us over to an empty room. The veterinarian came and we once again explained the situation. After hearing us, he told us that what Goku had was indeed genetic which we already knew and he gave us two options. We could either perform surgery once again on him, a very expensive one indeed or put him to sleep. That it wasn't a guarantee that it would not happen again and that he would have a long complicated road of recovery ahead of him because he wasn't even fully healed from the first surgery and already had kidney damage from the first time.

      Later down the line, there would be a possibility that it would happen again so we decided that the kindest and most humane thing to do was to put him to sleep. The doctor was very kind and understanding, he even agreed that we made the right choice which gave us some comfort. The doctor gave us some time to spend with Goku alone and to call them in when it was the right time. So with Goku having an iv line in, we spent the next 20-30 minutes playing with him, talking to him about anything and everything we wanted to tell him and for the first time within those 24-36 hours, he acted like his normal's almost as if he knew it was his time to go soon. He gave us love, we gave him love and he even acted rebellious like he would normally be at times. As if he wanted to stress me out and annoy me one last time. I pretended to be annoyed and yell at him but he purred knowing I was playing along with him. He even tried to jump in a garbage can that they had in the room which was hilarious. Then shortly after attempting to jump in the trash can, he meowed loudly one last time which was our cue that he was ready to leave so we called the doctor in.        We put him on the table and the doctor petted Goku. I had his head on my left arm and held one of his paws as I stood behind him and whispered him in his ear that I love him very much, that his big brother Shadow (our male husky that passed away a few years ago) would be waiting for him at the other side of the rainbow bridge and he wouldn't be alone. That we would one day all meet again and we would be a happy family. That he wouldn't be in pain anymore so to go in peace and rest. The doctor finished inserting the remaining dosage of the medication as I was saying that and he passed away on my arm. Goku had passed away on January 6th of 2018. My roommate and I cried out as we saw our boy laying there. We decided to keep him there frozen as we looked for a place to cremate him. We kissed him one last time before he was taken and the doctor wrapped him in a towel to take him away. He looked as he was sleeping so peacefully as he was carried out. I can honestly say I felt like a piece of me died that day when I lost Goku. I was so heartbroken. Goku remained at the hospital for a few days until we found the best place to cremate him. The hospital was so kind and understanding, giving us plenty of time and no pressure to picking up Goku. Once we picked him up, we took him straight away to the cremation place we had chosen. We left Goku and in a few days we were back to pick up his ashes. He might not be here physically anymore but he's still with us.        I promised him that I would get him a bigger and better place for him and I ended up doing as I promised later that year but he wasn't there to witness it all. As I moved into my new place, a much bigger and better place than the last one I had, one that I know he would have loved, I brought the box with his ashes in it and placed him in my new home telling him that I did what I promised him. That he was home. It's been a little over a year now since his passing and I still miss him every day. There are a few times where I break down and cry but I know we did the correct choice. I love you, Goku. I always will.